I am a big fan of Carl Jung and what he deemed Synchronicities, also called “meaningful coincidences.” However I don’t really think of them as coincidence. I see them more as guide posts that alert me to something I need to pay attention to (and so did he). A type of intrusion into the psychic space of individuals that is letting them know that they are becoming more aware of something much greater than themselves. We experience synchronicities often as something that occurs from within, as if we somehow generated the experience through conscious awareness and memory. But what if they are being emanated, that is to say, having a source where they are being communicated to us in a sort of spiritual broadcast? What if that source is trying to alert us to something important? Remember when you were little and you would knock on a friend’s door, and if no one came, you started knocking even harder in hope of getting them to answer? Maybe God or the Universal cosmic consciousness works in a similar way.

I believe that what we perceive as empty space is not empty at all. I am of the opinion that our surroundings are a medium where information from everything around us particularly living things, is being transmitted to the medium of which I call the “Data Field.” Where the higher the consciousness of the transmitter, the bigger the impact the ideas as well as intentions have on everyone and everything within the field. In the Book The Intention Experiment, scientific experiments have shown that plants display large stress spikes when someone has decided to cut or burn them. The times where the individual acts like they are going to harm the plant but had no intention of doing so, the plants did not show any stress on the devices they were connected to. How much greater in consciousness are we than a plant? Yet they have the ability to sense what is coming. So shouldn’t we?

And that brings me to my next question. Have you ever heard of chaff grenades or the term; chaff and flare? Military jets can drop chaff or flare clouds to disrupt an enemy plane’s radar or infrared guided missile systems but this is what’s interesting to me. The chaff is composed of tiny aluminum particles and fibers. Did you know that chemtrails are also aluminum particles and fibers mixed in barium solution? (By the way, when I was a child I never saw a chemtrail. Now they hang over every city everyday). So the question I have now is what is the real reason commercial aircraft are spraying thousands of tons of aluminum in the sky every hour? Is it to reflect the sun in an attempt to cool the earth? Or could there be a more disturbing reason like maybe they are trying to disrupt signals from a higher source that guides our intuition? These are the things I think about while peeling the potatoes and looking out the window.

We are electrical beings. So if someone wanted to jam our own personal radar systems from receiving information, then aluminum would be the way to go. Our hearts even have their own electrical systems that allow them to beat when completely separated from our bodies. How many times during your life have you said “I just know it in my heart,” or “I follow my heart.” Maybe the heart is the seat of intuition for reasons that are electric? Maybe someone somewhere knows that a veil is about to be torn and they are not ready to give up the life of luxury that they have enjoyed so much for so long, and they are so concerned about a mass awakening, that they are willing to blot out the sky. Dare I say, I know it in my heart to be true.

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