The Force has always been with us

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George Lucas felt that he may have divulged too much in his movie Star Wars. What exactly he was referring to I do not know, but if I had to make a guess, I would say it was the force power and the story of the Jedi. I find it interesting that Lucas thought he had maybe spilled too many beans. The fact that he is still drawing breath is a testament to him not doing so. When writers and directors make movies that are rich with ideas that humans are magical beings, (because we are, but we are not taught this plainly in society) my question is are they just shoving it out there cruelly making fun of us thinking we will never understand it anyway, or is there a goal to very slowly over vast periods of time to awaken people to it? I’m not certain, but I feel it is the latter. What I do know is that we are spiritual beings with amazing abilities, and we probably have more in common with Lucas’ Jedi than we realize. I also think it is vital for us to become aware of this potential in order for us to have a better seat at the dinner table of life because knowledge is true power.

A historical figure that may have been the closest thing to a Jedi that I can think of is Jesus of Nazareth. There are many times in the gospels we can see this and one of them is when he tells his disciples “If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this Sycamine tree, be then plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea, and it should obey you.” (Luke 17:6) Here we can see a parallel with Luke Skywalker in the swamp being guided by master Yoda, as Luke raises his aircraft from the muck of the swamp by using mind over matter. Author Mark Booth in his work The Secret History of the World discusses the passage where Jesus heals the blind man by placing clay on the man’s eyes, “When in John’s gospel Jesus Christ is described as using spittle to make a paste to apply to the eyes of a blind man, this is not a purely godly action, in the sense of an unmediated influx of spirit, but a manipulation of matter in order to influence or control spirit¬†(my emphasis). Again this is no denigration of Jesus Christ to point this out. In terms of the philosophy and theology of the day, this sort of divine magic or thaumaturgy was not only respectable, it was the highest activity to which a human being could aspire.”

Goethe also believed in the power of the force. He stated “We all walk in the mysteries. We do not know what is stirring in the atmosphere that surrounds us, nor how it is connected with our own spirit. So much is certain that we can at times put out the feelers of our soul beyond its bodily limits….. one soul may have a decided influence upon another, merely by means of its silent presence, of which I could relate many instances. It has often happened to me that, when I have been walking with an acquaintance, and I have had a living image of something in my mind, he has at once begun to speak of that very thing. I have also known a man who without saying a word, could suddenly silence a party engaged in conversation by the mere power of his mind…….We all have some electrical and magnetic forces within us we put forth, like the magnet itself, some attractive or repulsive power.” (pg. 202 The Secret History of the World). What Goethe, Davinci, Michelangelo, Newton, Francis Bacon, Paracelsus all had in common besides their powerful genius, was they embraced a mind before matter universe, and the knowledge that thought can manipulate matter.

With great apprehension I offer some personal testimony to confer that we are not just pieces of meat, but electrical souls in vehicles. When I was 15 years old my brother and I started listening to an audio recording titled Astral Projection, which is the process of leaving one’s body in a meditative state of consciousness. This practice went on for about a year almost every night and took a lot of discipline on our part. Just before I became discouraged with this personal goal it happened. I can remember that night vividly when I lifted out of my body and could see everything around me as plainly as I can now while typing this post. I could see the ceiling fan spinning overhead, and the furniture in the room just as it was. But when you initially begin to lift up the vibrations are very strong. They were so intense I failed the first attempt because I didn’t understand what was happening and it brought me out of the state. This is how I know it is a genuine phenomenon and not just lucid dreaming. You have to go through that extraordinarily intense vibratory state, head to toe, every single time without exception in order to do it. That is a criteria. So not only is it a reproducible phenomenon, it is a prerequisite. Later when I was much older and read other people’s accounts of their astral projections, I learned that they too experienced these powerful vibrations that happen every single time, which corroborates with my experience.

So how can people that know things like this to be as simple and true as say, the grass is green and the sky is blue, convey this esoteric information without sounding completely mad? Well they can’t, because it sounds too bizarre and too fantastical, and so we are given movies, stories, and paintings that only subtly touch upon the most profound aspects of ourselves. How would you feel if you wanted to get an important message across to people, only to have them mock you and laugh in your face? You wouldn’t like it one bit. After a while you would say “F#ck em, they’re too stupid and unworthy.” This is why I believe we get a joke of an education and are treated as if we are children. This is the reason Jesus told his disciples “To you the secrets of the Kingdom are given plainly, but to the rest they will be given in parables.” “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.” (Mathew 7:6)¬† I want people to think about these words the next time they consider making fun of something esoteric that they cannot understand, because I promise you somebody somewhere very important does understand it, and they place great value upon it.

I am no holy man or psychic. I am a human being that has experienced reproducible phenomena that as far as I am concerned is a science not being taught. I have only spoken of my astral projection experiences with 2 people in my entire life, my brother who is now departed and one other person, because it is annoying when someone scoffs at something just because they don’t get it. However, I feel if we are not informed about our abilities and true potential, then we will continue to exist as the living dead. When Christ was approached by a man that wanted to follow him but first wanted to attend the funeral of a close one, He said, “Let the dead go bury their dead. Come follow me.”

People today are barely conscious, and as result it is allowing tyranny to grow in ways that just a hundred years ago would have seemed unimaginable. In order for people to take ownership of their rights and indeed their whole world, they first have to feel worthy of it. You can’t feel worthy of something so important and wonderful as that, if you believe you are just a monkey. But what if you were a Jedi asleep? That’s why Star Wars has so much mass appeal. Deep down it’s touching on something (the force) that we know in our soul to be true. We just don’t seem to yet know how to make it manifest, but there are inklings of it expressing it’s ways through our synchronicities, deja vu, and astral projections. Is it a coincidence that Yoda is green, and that his home is in the vegetation of the swamp when in the secret history the highly intuitive consciousness is referred to as the vegetable consciousness, also known as “the Green Man?” Until the next one….






may the force be with you.




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