The Virginia Company Rolls it’s Own

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I can still recall the time I was Rick rolled. Something popped up that was mildly interesting while researching something and I thought why not, although my intuition was telling me not to do it. And what do you know? A face full of the whitest guy that ever lived and his carrot topped head gyrating to substandard music that is both catchy and annoying. Sometimes it takes a couple of days of chicken noodle soup and Irish coffee to recoup from a Rick roll while coming face to face with the ugly truth; God has abandoned us.

But then life goes on for a minute, and you realize that Hillary Clinton and Obama are still on the loose after committing dozens of acts of treason. That the theft of a combined 21 trillion dollars of unauthorized transactions from the Federal Reserve, the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development have yet to be explained, yet all we get to hear about is an FBI investigation with no basis, Trump’s ridiculous tweets, and some washed up pornstar named Stormy. Twenty one trillion dollars, gone. Let’s have some fun with numbers. The distance from the earth to the moon is approximately 239,000 miles and the thickness of a dollar bill is close to 1/10 of a millimeter. There are 1,609 meters in one mile and 10,000 dollar bills in one meter stacked which comes to 16,090,000 one dollar bills in one mile stacked. So if we multiply 16,090,000 ( 1 mile of dollars) x 239,000 (miles to the moon) that gives us $3,845,510,000,000 dollars stacked to reach the moon, just under $4 trillion. 21 trillion divided by 3.845 trillion equals 5 1/2 trips to the moon! That’s what has been stolen from the country but #uck it, let’s hear about women Trump likes to pee on.

Back to Obama and Hillary. It seems like everyday we find out something else they did that not only screwed the people but was blatant treason. The President doesn’t care and the Congress doesn’t give a shit. No one in a position of power that can do something about it will prosecute these traitors. But there’s a reason the people do not hear about arrests being made at the very top of government and at the top of the Federal Reserve, and why the media wants to talk about anything other than something that actually matters.

The United States is a corporation and you can’t commit treason against a corporation. This is why Congress allowed a private company in 1913 called the Federal Reserve Bank which is about as federal as Federal Express, has no reserves and is actually not a bank,  have complete control over the economy. This is why traitors don’t go to jail and how the theft of a stack of dollar bills that is 5 1/2 times longer than a trip to the moon is not being discussed by the mainstream media which is also a corporation. The U.S. never stopped being the Virginia Company under King James I and it apparently not only rolls tobacco, but rolls it’s people with Stormy Daniels, FBI/Trump drama, fake economic data, and that big juicy dangling carrot called the rule of law. I call it the Rule of Rick. The Rule of Rick states “Look over here and be distracted by this lowbrow nonsense!” As George Carlin once aptly said, “The American people love their bullshit right in front of them so they can get a good strong whiff of it.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no unpatriotic leftist. Actually I’m quite the opposite. I am a human being with some fire in my chest, and the only way I can keep my fire burning is pursuing the truth. I need the truth. Without the truth there is no point to anything in life. Truth is truly food for the soul. I believe this is one of the main reasons people are so unhappy, their souls are starving. The truth is treated as if it were some rare commodity that has to be regulated constantly, and I have no tolerance for any entity that seeks to turn me into a worker bee in some giant hive, and then expects me to be content with that. If this is just a big ol’ plantation, I quit. Yes slaves can quit. They may be harmed, but you can’t make them work. You can’t make them believe your lies. It’s time to turn our backs on all of the mainstream pop nonsense and it’s time for us to finally start producing food for the soul. And then, when television and politics are completely dead and the truth abounds and we are saturated with it like the air we breathe, we may actually for the first time have a reason to give a shit.

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