New Suggestions: #1 The PC problem (Because New Rules was taken)

New Suggestion:  We must stop pretending political correctness is resolving anything. Creating the veneer of peace and harmony by threatening social banishment to those who speak ill of the Jewish people, Muslims, blacks, whites, Hispanics, homosexuals, etc. etc. is not an accomplishment. It’s called being a hypocritical asshole. The left have become the very thing that they claim to be fighting against by destroying freedom of speech and trying to make everyone think like them (social Nazis). There should be an ad for it; “Political Correctness: Making closet anger the new norm.” Vitriol within people must be expressed and purged in order for actual catharsis to occur. Political correctness is not expanding our consciousness. It is reducing our freedoms and rewarding phony behavior through negative reinforcement. We haven’t cleaned the wall of graffiti. We have placed paneling over it.

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