“Power don’t come from a badge or a gun. Power comes from lying. Lying big, gettin’ the whole damn world to play along with ya. Once you got everybody agreeing with what they know in their hearts aint true, you’ve got em by the balls.”  Senator Roark—Sin City

I have heard it said that the first primitive human that ventured to the burning vegetation after lightning set it ablaze and held the fire in his hands was the first scientist and the one responsible for giving rise to civilization. But this is only part of the truth. Primitive humans who had the bravery and intelligence to harness the power of fire set the stage for those who would eventually rule the world with an iron fist; the storytellers. When our ancestors had a fire to sit around, they quickly realized that the predatory animals that they used to huddle in fear of night after night, did not come as close as they used to. Fire not only provided warmth, more importantly it provided safety. The safety of the fire was key because it afforded us long periods of time and a space where we didn’t have to worry about being eaten, and our minds could think about other things. Around the fire at night people were more relaxed, and now since they were not preoccupied with fear, a void was created. It created for lack of a better term boredom, and there was a strong need for mental stimulation. This is where the basis of many of our modern-day stories originated from.

A great storyteller would have been revered. They were the writer, director, and entertainer rolled into one, and the people around the fire must have been entranced and captivated by this new phenomenon. After all, It was the first entertainment, and it opened up our imaginations to higher concepts of what was possible. It changed the way we had relationships and interacted with one another. Stories made our ancestors laugh and cry and do silly things like impersonate animals and reenact the day’s hunt. There can be little doubt that the need for story over the eons, has entwined itself into our very DNA. So the fire maker provided the time for our ancestors to get bored and begin contemplating the more complex questions of life.

But one day someone with keen observation noticed the power that story had over the minds of the people sitting around the fire. This person likely realized that if fire could control animals, then story could be used to control the minds of men that listened and watched with wide-eyed amazement, as their imaginations worked on them during the evening’s tale. These highly intelligent manipulators would become the first con men and from them we would get the first stirrings of what would become the foundations of many of our major religions, particularly the religions with angry gods that were always demanding a blood sacrifice. The scarier the god was, the more the people obeyed.

The fear of the angry bloodthirsty gods provided great rewards. Food resources, sex, and handmade gifts were forms of wealth that were acquired through fear of punishment. This manipulative scourge of humanity also realized that any new knowledge attained must be held secret from the rest of the tribe, or else everyone would be equal to them and they had grown to love this new life of luxury, and luxury is the key word here. For it was the love of living in luxury that drove these early con men to become the creators of our modern-day civilization. They now possessed great knowledge that came from both the members of their familial bloodlines, as well as those from outside their family that made powerful discoveries, whom they no doubt would have killed in order to place a monopoly on knowledge.

Once they had amassed vast amounts of wealth and knowledge via story, these manipulators of humanity had to find a way to hold on to what they had. This would be a two-pronged method. First they would create an economy where they issued the currency, which was usually an asset they controlled, and secondly was the creation of the mystery schools where they could operate unseen while allowing puppet leaders to take the heat and or praise for the peoples’ quality of life under the system.

It is to provide luxury to these writers of humanity, that is the reason we have to go to work and pay taxes. It is to provide luxury to the writers of humanity, that is the reason people are being dumbed down and the sovereignty of nations is being destroyed. This is the main reason the elite want one world government. If they can consolidate power to just one single all-encompassing entity, then they have absolute power over the human race and their control over the world is solidified. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton’s quote is as true today as it will be a trillion years from now.

The Mystery Schools provided a secret place where recruitment of like-minded valuable assets to the cause of one world government could be tested. They provided a controlled dissemination of knowledge to new recruits. They also provided a private place where they could participate in the sex orgies of the pagan Osirian/Isis religion of ancient Egypt. (Stanley Kubrick alluded to this in his film Eyes Wide Shut, and died shortly after refusing to cut the freemasonic orgy scene from the final edit.) This next sentence may seem controversial to some, but Jesus Christ was executed because he was teaching high level knowledge to the common man and woman, rather than letting it remain confined within the walls of the Mystery Schools. He was also being recruited by people like Nicodemus (“Art thou not a Master of Israel, and thou knowest not these things?”— the Lord Jesus Christ.) but refused. The powers that be however, were very concerned as to HOW he had acquired his knowledge, since he never attended their Mystery Schools. “From whence hath this man these things? and what wisdom is this which is given unto him that even such mighty works are wrought by his hands? Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James, Joses,  Juda, and Simon? and are not His sisters here with us?” So since knowledge must be hoarded and controlled, and the people must remain enslaved via ignorance (and any other way for that matter), he was killed. What the elite did as a result of Christ’s interference with their monopoly on knowledge, was that they moved their Mystery Schools underground and became the secret societies we here about today.

The powers that be know (at least in their world) that ideas and the imagination are divine and spring from a higher source of consciousness. They don’t have to work (we are doing that for them) so they have all of their time to contemplate deeply on things of a profound nature, while scheming ways to better control the population. This is not a fair fight, especially when we have to go earn a living everyday where our thoughts are not valued by our employers, because they didn’t hire us to think. They hired us to obey. Then when you factor in the recovery time needed from the stress of our jobs and the constant fear of running out of money, where is the time to think deeply against your opponent? We simply don’t have enough of it. I hate to be a downer but the prognosis doesn’t look good, but that is all the more reason why people need to talk about it, because awareness of this is the key and without it all hope is lost.

The purpose of story today is not entertainment, rather it is all about subversion of human perception and human consciousness. Subversion in the context of stories, whether they are news stories, (the growing fiction in national news stories is particularly effective because most people just assume automatically that news stories are always true) “histories,” music lyrics, or Hollywood movies has people believing they are in control of their thoughts, when the truth is that the things you think were likely implanted through decades of exposure to these mediums. Subversion in this manner often functions on an unconscious level via subtext and it is repeated over and over again until people begin to accept these ideas as their own opinions and beliefs. This is how you get mountains of people to move in the direction you want them to go without causing a revolution.

In the movie Sleep With Me, Quentin Tarantino plays a small role where he is explaining the true meaning of Top Gun to a guy at a party and it’s a very funny scene, but it’s also profound because you get a little peek into how writers think. I will not rewrite the scene here, but the main thing to take away from it is when Quentin tells the guy “The whole idea man is subversion. You want subversion on a massive fucking level!” Massive indeed, as in every aspect of popular culture. Quentin said once in an interview that “the actor is an artist, the director is king, and the writer is God.” It is the writers behind the curtain whose names we do not know, that are playing God with humanity. A timetable for our controlled development was inked long ago that according to Johnathan Black in his book The Secret History of the World, spans forward not in decades or centuries, but in increments of thousands of years by these writers at the very top of the hierarchy that are directing mankind. According to my research it is approximately seven individuals at the pinnacle of the pyramid, that are giving out the orders to their subordinates as to where they wish to take us. The question is, is it even possible to exist in a world as a human being without being constantly manipulated, and if so, will enough people ever give a shit to do anything about it en masse, to make freedom a reality again? Only time will tell.


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