Why the next Great Depression will overwhelm most Americans

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If the Great Depression part 2 were to show up tomorrow, how well would Americans fair? The answer can be found by looking at some basic criteria. During the 1930’s approximately 70%-80% of Americans lived in rural areas with the other 20%-30% living in urban regions. Today those numbers have flipped. According to the census bureau 19% live in rural areas and 81% are in urban areas. This is very troubling to say the least, because it means that approximately 80% of the population have no other way to acquire food other than from the day-to-day deliveries via truckers to their local grocery stores. They do not own enough land to grow a substantial garden, nor do they have access to wildlife for hunting to put meat in the freezer. Then when you factor in that 21% of Americans are on welfare, it’s safe to say that if one morning Americans woke up to a stock market crash, that over 90% of the population would be losing their minds at every store that sold food, making Black Friday look like an American Gothic painting. So maybe 5%-10% of the country has the resources and the ability to remain calm and weather the storm? One thing is for certain, you do not want to be in the city when the next Great Depression hits.

Our grandparents knew the importance of being prepared. That is why so many of them grew their own food and understood canning and preserving it for long periods of time. Does anyone in America under 90 know how to can foods? Today we treat preserves and jams like desserts, but back in the old days they were a long-term storable food not to be eaten everyday. Long-term preservation is also why so many farmers used to slaughter pigs, rub them in salt and make smoked ham. Did you know that salt cured pork will last many years if kept dry without the need of temperature regulation? Arable farmland is one of the greatest forms of wealth one can own because it provides so many necessities and benefits.

Another big problem for the American populous trying to survive an economic catastrophe, is the size of the population itself. During the Great Depression at the beginning when the stock market crashed in 1929, the population was only 110 million. Today the American population is at least 328 million people, a 300% increase in mouths to feed and homes to heat. 70 million of which rely entirely on EBT cards or some form of government assistance for their food right now. So the number of people relying on the government for food everyday, is 2/3 of what the population of the entire U.S. was in 1929. The borders aren’t growing to accommodate this increase in population, and keep in mind that many of the once privately owned farms that were used to grow crops and raise livestock, have been bought up and turned into subdivisions that produce nothing, but do consume huge amounts of energy. So we find ourselves relying more on imported food from Central and South America, which requires massive amounts of petroleum to transport. So what happens when gas prices hit 5,7, or God forbid $10 a gallon? Well when the cost of moving goods is more than what can be made by selling them, the food doesn’t make it to the store shelves. Ding, ding, ding!, and over past the burning toiletries we have Amber and Jennifer clawing and kicking over a jar of peanut butter.

And speaking of energy, when the grids go down periodically during the next Great Depression, how will people function if they don’t have Alexa or Siri there to explain to them how to wipe their backsides outdoors with no toilet paper? It looks to be a magical time of rediscovery.

If the American people were a still somewhat moral and prudent people like many of their grandparents were and owned land like they used to, I don’t believe the next economic crisis would be nearly as painful. But many people today are dim, bereft of principles, mentally weak, and living on the government’s dime. It won’t take long for them to become violent animals. During the Great Depression people had enough integrity to where a handshake and their word were enough to make a business deal. Today people are so unreliable, you need ten pages of documentation and 5-10 references just to apply for a minimum wage job. Today college kids view student loans as a side income to buy their $7 Starbucks lattes and precious avocados. The next Great Depression is not some far off fantasy that might happen again. It is going to happen again, and the stats are saying we will all get to experience it before the end of the next decade. So if you’re not in the potential 5% of self-sufficient Americans, start lifting weights, take fencing lessons, and maybe brush up on the old Jujutsu,┬ábecause the toilet paper aisle is going to get very competitive.




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